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Nuwakot, Nepal
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Introduction 1. Introduction of SSAN Due to poverty as well as illiteracy existing in our society, Nepalese people have been facing different kinds of problems. Ignorance has made them unable to find or know their alternative solution. People, especially the poor and uneducated are adversely affected; they have been suffered from different kinds of epidemic diseases. In addition to these problems they have been badly affected from social and political discrimination. So our responsibility here is to make them identify, the difficulties faced, to work for control and solve them through people's awareness program. Social service Academy-Nepal has its Program to help rural as well as urban poor people through identification of their problems or difficulties and running different programs in varieties of field, such as education, health, and sanitation, women development, agriculture, upliftment of deprived society and so on to solve or overcome the challenges.

2.1 Vision Establishment of development based modern society that advocates awareness, justice, transparency and Prosperity reducing traditional conservative Superstitions

2.2 Mission To change positively the living standard of women, children and people of lower caste, helpless people and people involved in wrong track of the undeveloped society.

2.3 Goal Implement integrated community development Programs in the most disadvantaged people based area of Nepal by mobilizing available resources and local youths to promote public awareness level and their living standard.

BACKGROUND Social Service Academy – Nepal (SSA-N) is a non-profitable non-governmental organization working with aim to community development. It was established in 1998 at Nuwakot district. It has been registered in Nuwakot Administration Office and affiliated to Social Welfare Council, Nepal. SSA-N has been working in partnership with the NGOs & Ingo's, which are mainly involved in Social development sector, and believes that people's participation is the key to success. By discovering or eliminating gender cruelty, discrimination, biases, irregularity and different negative attitudes existing in society, it aims to involve everyone to assist in developmental efforts. Besides, it focuses education, agriculture, women and children, upliftment of deprived, people to generate awareness to overcome the challenges, than positively contribute to create a better society

PAST-EXPERIENCES AND RUNNING MAJOR ACTIVITIES SSAN has run its following integrated community Development Programs in five VDCs of Nuwakot districts under guidance & financial assistance of Save the Children Federation USA.

EDUCATION AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Intended to help Children's overall Development, Basic level adults literacy classes, Language & Learning classes, Child-to-Child Education Classes, Parenting Education Classes, Child Clubs, Community based Child Development Center have been implemented by SSA-N. These educational programs have brought remarkable positive change in people's concept and the number of children's admission to primary school has been curved-up. Programs Activities: 1CBCDC Class C to C Class Child Club Parenting Education class School Support ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY AND WOMEN DEVELOPMENT Under SSA-N groups had been formed and the program components won Loan investment, and management of cooperative organization, cooperative strengthening training, leadership training, small business empowerment training, income generating program and women empowerment. This program has helped the women empowered and supported increasing their income. Six women cooperative groups formed under the program have been found capable. Cooperative Group Formation & Strengthening Strengthening Training cop. Tour for Cop. member in other cop. Chilly Promotion Pilot Project INFORMATION, EDUCATION & COMMUNICATION IEC Program intended to uplift people's awareness includes street drama, puppet show, fixing hoarding board, posters and video show which helped to spread massage of HIV/AIDS, importance of education and child development.

HEALTH EDUCATION Health care workshop mobile health camp, referring to hospital program and small financial help for treatment were implemented under this component, which ultimately helped the people aware about their health issues. General Health Camp Health Post Referral Hospital Referral contact to us Heartly welcome to all SSA Nepal

Any donor organization wants to support for our program please heartly welcome to all

Introduction 1. Introduction of SSAN Due to poverty as well as illiteracy existing in our society, Nepalese people have been facing different kinds of problems. Ignorance has made them unable to find or know their alternative solution…

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