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About Us

The goal of the Inspiring Passion Project can be best summed up in the words of a quote that I found on a website one night, while trying to get motivated to complete a homework assignment.

The page read, “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”

I printed the quote and taped it to my notebook. I knew all about this quote, I lived this quote. I was an activist. I was telling people, showing people, and involving people in all of the projects that I was working on, every day. All of the projects that I was working on. All of the projects that I was working on.

What about the projects that everyone else was working on? The ones not big enough to have their own websites? The ones being run out of classrooms and dorm rooms and playgrounds? Who tells them, shows them and involves them? What about the projects that don’t even have the resources to become projects, the ideas that young people think about, day in and day out, but don’t know how to make happen? Who helps them with those?

I do. The Inspiring Passion Project does.

I created The Inspiring Passion Project as a resource to young people, to me, to allow them to understand, visualize, and experience, the impact that their ideas can have on the world. From giving advice on how to organize a food drive at a local elementary school, to financial assistance on a state-wide youth led Voter Registration drive, to organizing Professional Mentorship programs for young girls at a local high school, the mission of the Inspiring Passion Project is to devote ourselves to the success of youth-driven initiatives in any of the following Areas Of Concentration; Voting/Democracy, Education/Literacy, Poverty/Hungry, and Women’s Awareness Issues.

Please submit any ideas to the email address included.

(Note: As a newly formed organization, we are interested in recieving feedback and input on all areas of our structure)