Merced County Food Bank

  • California


2000 West Olive Avenue
United States

About Us

The Merced County Food Bank serves Merced and Mariposa County. In our rural service area of 3,442 square miles, we serve low-income individuals and families at 83 community sites, 24 USDA commodities food distribution sites, 16 senior citizen sites, and we make food available for over 100 other nonprofit organizations serving people in need.

Our mission is to: 1.) To improve the health and well-being of Merced & Mariposa County residents affected by hunger; through the acquisition, storage, and distribution of nutritious food. 1.) To provide and advocate for, increased access to, and consumption of, nutritious fruits, vegetables, nuts and other foods. 3.) To integrate, facilitate and advocate for programs and services that address hunger’s underlying and related issues.

The Food Bank offers several programs to reduce food insecurity and improve the health and lives of those in our service area. Some of these programs include the Nonprofit Community Food Program, Emergency Food Assistance Program, The Senior Brown Bag Program, Commodity Supplemental Food Program, Drought Assistance Program and Picking for Purpose, a new gleaning program.