About Us

OUR PROJECT GOAL To improve the welfare of the Orphaned Child in Kenya and enhance opportunities for the development of their full potential.

OUR PROJECT VISION To work together as Christians towards improving the living conditions of the Orphaned Child in Kenya, and ensure that they have achieved their life goal dreams by the year 2030.

OUR PROJECT MISSION To create a Community where all stakeholders timely respond to the continuing Care and Support of the Orphaned Child in Kenya.


  • To empower our Community People towards strongly defending the Orphaned Child from abuse and neglect.
  • To collaborate and network with other Faith Based Organizations, Development Partners, Charities, Trusts, Foundations and Individual Sponsors, both locally and internationally, towards helping the Orphaned Child meet his basic needs.
  • To provide an avenue for Legal Aid and Counseling to any Orphaned Child who may be a victim of either Family Conflict, Sexual Abuse, Neglect or HIV/Aids stigma or discrimination.
  • To spiritually empower the Orphaned Child and help him grow to maturity in morals, prayer, humility, etc.
  • To actively get involved and participate fully as a Faith Based Organization in the policy formulation with other stakeholders on issues affecting an Orphaned Child.