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We are a 70 bed rural homeless shelter system with four shelters.One for Veteran's only was started in 2010. We also have a rural outreach program reaching the poorest of the poor deep in the woods, and swamps.

Thanks to God our Heavenly Father , the Mission in Citrus Homeless Shelters have always been blessed. It all started in 2008 with six homeless men and their Founder. They established the rules and mottos that they still follow today. A Good Samaritan to all in need. And if they do not help them.. Who Will ? Things were very rough and they strayed away from God. He did not take that lightly. The Founder was struck down by a Class A Thoracic Aorta aneurysm which causes mortality in most cases. The shelter was shut down when they found out the Founder had little chance of surviving. In fact. Residents were told that he died, which he did while they were operating. But God brought him back to life. After four months of rehabilitation. God started His miracles. The Founder was released with a dead battery , and a flat tire , and four dollars. He looked up , and said .What now Lord ? He had no idea of what was ahead. His friend John offered him a house in Crystal River where the new Mission was born. God put John and Donna in their lives for a reason. To do His work.

The Founder then went and looked in a Post Office box that had not been touched for over six months. There was a check from the Crystal River United Methodist Church Youth Group. That turned on the electric and God took it from there. Now their biggest motto. Is God runs things around here. It’s funny. A few days later an eighty four year old women stopped by and knocked.They thought she was their first resident. She then looked at him and said. I am here to help you, and then proceeded to clean.. Drucella became one of the Mission’s first supporters and has been with them since.They are like the widow and the two small coins. Most of their supporters are in their eighties.

They were then offered the second house next door. They are now one shelter for men and one for women and children. Since they believed in our Veterans and that they fought for the rights of all ,they provided freedom to all.

No one would be treated like a criminal

No one would be forced to church or Bible study

Everyone would be treated with dignity and respect

Everyone would find a job and keep the Mission operating

Anyone could visit seven days a week. They believe that if you are spending your dollar, you should see what it does.

Children come first and they could continue on and on

The Mission would give all freely that walked through their gates. Since opening they have given away cars , bikes , over $ 500,000 dollars worth of merchandise. Over 100,000 bed nights and 350,000 meals. All on a very small budget. God continues to bless them as they have blessed so many others. And that does not include the tons of food handed out to those in need.

Soon it was 20 , then 40, then over 100 people living in over fifty tents and a large military tent. Though no one was forced. Most attended Bible Study and church on their own, and continue to do so today. You can not force God on anyone. They learned to set an example and they wanted to know why they had so much Faith. Miracles happened daily. God led the way. The Mission was now on the right path.

One day , someone flew over and soon they had everyone from the Fire Marshal to the Sheriff show up. They were hid until then. God worked things out. He provided money from out of nowhere to complete the improvements for them to stay open. He allowed hearts to un harden and today they all work together. In fact, The Mission in Citrus gave the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office an award in 2013 for their kind treatment of the homeless.

In 2010 they opened their Veteran’s shelter in Inverness Florida. God opened many doors , and a shelter that would cost a fortune was opened on less than $ 5000. The shelter continues in operation today. In fact , God allowed them to eliminate 80% of the homeless veteran’s problem in Citrus County Florida as of January 1st 2014. They continue to assist veterans through Operation Mercy Call and other programs. and every day. Delivering tents , food , medical supplies , and more into the woods and swamps of rural Florida. Great Non Profits has many reviews by their former and current clients. 2010 another shelter opened in Floral City Florida and now houses those on disability who have lost their homes.

There have been many rough days and bumps in the road. But their Faith and God has brought them through it all. They have overcome many obstacles that many said could not be done. They have been the homeless helping the homeless for over five years with no paid staff. All homeless and formerly homeless helping each other. They just finally received grants from the State of Florida as God opened new doors and we were able to pay a caseworker and a book keeper. Even though they made them reimbursements which makes it tough on the shelters, it eventually helps. The Mission now has a caring Board and is making more steps in the right direction.God is working towards them getting help with their veteran’s shelter as they were left out. It is funny. Veterans are first to serve, but last in the eyes of Officials. But not our One and Only true God.Now their new caseworker is placing even more veterans and others in homes with jobs. God has opened so many doors for them. God is awesome.

God has blessed them so much. In 2013 alone :

Home Depot donated thousands of dollars of merchandise through Good 360 and Foundation grants to help their veterans

Walmart has given them grants and merchandise

Lowes painted the women and children’s shelter

Winn Dixie Foundation donated $ 25,000 to help with Operation Mercy Call

Bed Bath and Beyond donated thousands of dollars in merchandise through the Good 360 program

www.unite4good.orgis coming to do a several hour film production

The Chronicle is coming to do a full story

Dr. Charles Stanley , the Pocket Testament League and others have allowed them to spread the Word of God

Boomtown Media is doing their new website at no charge.

The Mission would like to praise God as He has walked them through so much. Eighteen funerals in 3 years. Over fifty babies born and helped. Bringing us through so many hardships. Thousands have come through their doors. Veterans , men, women and children Over 500 still keep in contact. Most run from shelters and never want to see them again. Many come back each year for the Founder’s birthday and at Christmas. God has brought so many of them back from the death bed to continue His work. God has done it all. That is why this release is for God. They wanted to show Him that He will be first in their lives. They even fly the flag of Israel to His honor.

Thank you Heavenly Father for Loving us so Much……

We are a 70 bed rural homeless shelter system with four shelters.One for Veteran's only was started in 2010. We also have a rural outreach program reaching the poorest of the poor deep in the woods, and swamps.

Thanks to God our Heavenly Father , the…

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