Springboard Orphan Aid Programme (SOAP)

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Number 1 Hellet Street Masvingo Zimbabwe

About Us

We need your help. We have a pressing problem that has developed into a crisis.We have 177 struggling orphans in Masvingo Province (Zimbabwe) who lost their parents as a result of AIDS and the children have submitted documents to this effect. They are struggling for school fees, health care, nutrition, children's rights education, psychosocial support and motivational social work (this is a new concept introduced by the founder of the organization) for disadvantaged children and families. At the time of this submission, they are threatened with losing their chance for education because they did not pay school fees for last year (2010). Can you kindly help urgently. The children attend Don Bosco and Dikwindi Primary Schools . We can be contacted on: springboardorphanaidprogramme@yahoo.com Our numbers are: +263-772 922 859 or +263-775 089 799.We will be happy to have any kind of support you may offer us to support these struggling children.We also welcome any possible advice, help in cash or kind or any form of partnership or links with friends, contacts or associates to make this project sustainable. The truth is that we are now stranded as a helping organization and the children we support are vulnerable. We appreciate that you already have an existing burden on your shoulders in certain localities considering that nearly everywhere there are needy children but we hope you will be able to understand our case and bail us out especially in the case of the outstanding school fees for last year (2010). We hope to be self-reliant in the future since we are promoting household income-generating projects among the guardian families of our orphaned children. Thank you.