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About Us

<img height="109" src="" width="100">The idea to set up an NGO, African Dream Foundation (ADF 90), for the qualitative education and positive development of the African youth, was conceived by Comrade Bonaventure Olutoyin Adebeshin (a.k.a. Bona Vee), a committed human rights/pro-democracy activist in 1986. Worried by the persistent cases of failure by Nigerian students in the Senior School Certificate - SSCE (O' Level) English and Mathematics examinations, Bona Vee started FREE LECTURE CLASSES for students in these core subjects.

The result? Practically all the students taught by Bona Vee scored high marks in both subjects in the 1986/1987 SSCE. Most of these students went on to Universities and Polytechnics and many have since become University lecturers, bankers, and administrators.

In essence, ADF 90 was set up for the provision of quality education and the positive development of the African youth. The primary aims and objectives of the African Dream Foundation (ADF 90) are;

(1) To advance and/or enhance the education and development of the African youth in any way deemed charitable in law e.g. scholarships, free ICT training, debates, workshops and seminars on HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria, career guidance, fundamental human & child rights.

(2) To provide or assist in the provision of suitable and appropriate educational and/or recreational facilities and equipment which are considered charitable in law to provide e.g. websites, computers, notebooks, textbooks, indoor games, films, CDs.

NOTE: We humbly inform the general public that our organization does not solicit for, or accept cash donations from outside sources to execute our charitable activities. All our projects are financed by revenue generated by our businesses.

If you wish to assist us in our charity work, simply patronize us by buying our high quality services and/or products (e.g. CDs, VCDs, DVDs, digital downloads, domains, web designs, etc) as advertised at;

Meanwhile, please note that we have NOT authorized any person, organization,  or group of persons, anywhere in the world, to accept donations on our behalf.