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Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association is a grassroots network to provide information and advocacy for those persons who have stepped forward to report medical fraud, patient abuse and neglect and human rights violations to state, federal and international authorities. Grassroots networking started in 2001 and non profit status filed in Kansas in May 2010.

Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association is a group of persons who support the advocacy of Medical Whistleblower in Lawrence, KS. Many in the network are actually Medical Whistleblowers themselves. Medical Whistleblowers are those who come forward and report medical fraud, abuse and neglect of patients and human rights violations. Medical Whistleblowers are by definition defenders of human rights. Medical Whistleblowers step forward and report these problems to federal, state and international authorities. When they do take that courageous action they are often retaliated against and find themselves struggling to hold on to their jobs and even their careers. Being a Medical Whistleblower is not easy and is a commitment to human rights values sometimes with considerable personal loss.

The Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network is a grassroots network of those who wish to support the efforts of Medical Whistleblower and provide political advocacy to end these human rights violations and to stop patient abuse and neglect and to feret out medical fraud and bring those involved to justice.

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Membership in the Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association is open to the public. Medical Whistleblower is organized as a nonprofit organization under Kansas law. We do provide a variety of educational information and materials to the public for free.

We are not under Federal IRS standards a 501 c 3 organization because a percentage of our efforts are to advocate actively for legislation that furthers human rights and protection for human rights defenders. Therefore donations are not federally tax deductible.

Any interested person may participate in supporting the advocacy of the Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association by signing petitions with which they agree.

The Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association provides to the public information about Medical Whistleblowers, Defenders of Human Rights and Bad Faith or Sham Peer Review as well as many other topics on their website

The Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association has contracted with an educational provider to provide informational brochures, newsletters, and other informative and inspirational materials which are available for free download from the website.

You may request membership in the Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network by sending an email to MedicalWhistleblowers (at) [[|]] There is at this time no fee for membership. Benefits include a newsletter provided through email in digital pdf format as well as other educational seminars and events.


Medical Whistleblower was founded by Dr. Janet Parker DVM in 2001 in order to bring forward abuse and neglect that she saw first hand in the foster care system. Dr. Janet Parker, Executive Director of Medical Whistleblower in Lawrence, KS now works with Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association. Dr. Janet Parker DVM working with thousands of people over the years has provided a range of educational materials and programs. Dr. Parker also provides direct advocacy to those Medical Whistleblowers who need it. All services provided by Medical Whistleblower are at present free to those who need them through the volunteer efforts of Dr. Janet Parker DVM.

Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association does not provide therapy or legal services. We are also not patient advocates who negotiate the complex web of medical services for patients. Although we do work cooperatively with those who do direct patient advocacy. We do not help patients sue doctors or hospitals for malpractice although issues related to patient medical care and safety are critical to our work. We also do not provide payee services or do guardianship.

Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association is instead an advocate for change - Telling Truth To Power. The Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network identifies systemic problems within the systems providing for medical care or custodial care and try to advocate in meaningful ways for change. We partner with many different professional groups to affect change and we try to bridge those communication gaps that prevent us from moving forward in a positive direction. Medical Whistleblowers working with the Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association bring light to bear on hidden problems and seek to find answers on how to correct them.

Medical Whistleblowers Tell Truth To Power

Does it take courage to be a whistleblower?

Persons who are Medical Whistleblowers are usually workers who have attained professional competence in their field. Medical Whistleblowers have access to information at a high enough level to be able to detect medical fraud, abuse and neglect but also brave enough to alert others to the problem. Because they often are in the healing profession, Medical Whistleblowers often provided comfort to others and were the strength that others rely on. Most Medical Whistleblowers are originally of a very strong constitution. They are usually self confident adults who have good self esteem and were fully capable of handling difficulties in their own lives.

These dedicated professionals put their own careers on the line when they go up against their boss, peers and the establishment in order to protect patients and the public.

Medical Error and Bad Faith Peer Review

The National Institute of Health (NIH) reports that there are 190,000 hospital deaths due to medical errors. We should support and defend doctors, nurses, medical technicians, physical therapists, radiology technicians, nursing assistants, hospital CEOs, medical researchers and others who stand up for patient safety, confidentiality and the patients right to make medical decisions. But Medical Whistleblowers who report problems under the current system face retaliation within the hospital system. Traditionally doctors have reviewed other doctors with the goal of improving medical care. This process is called Peer Review which is often under the political and economic control of large medical corporations, and is used to protect the hospitals from patient liability law suits.

Bad Faith Peer Review becomes a weapon to remove Whistleblowing doctors from their positions and to discredit them so that they do not testify in court against those who did medical fraud and the abuse and neglect of patients. Under the current Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA) patients are not protected and medical quality has suffered. The HCQIA is now used to protect huge medical corporations and to silence Medical Whistleblowers.The HCQIA law provides a shield of legal Immunity for bad faith malicious peer reviewers to retaliate against a doctor making a good faith report of abuse, neglect or fraud. Unlike the court system there is no appeal, no due process. Because of the threat to lose their medical licenses, fewer and fewer doctors are willing to risk their careers and livelihoods to protect patients. Medical Whistleblowers have truth on their side. They are courageous individuals committed to making a difference by helping prevent Medical Fraud, Abuse and Neglect. Medical Whistleblowers expose the abuse and neglect of our most vulnerable citizens and expose institutionalized patterns of wrongdoing.

One person against a big medical corporation is not a fair fight. Those who control the medical corporation define the workplace and all of its rules and regulations and can affect actions against the Medical Whistleblower at the level of the Medical Board. The medical corporation enjoys a presumption of legitimacy and legal authority and can through extraordinary resources affect the actions of politicians, the media, industry, and the larger community.

The Medical Whistleblowers bear witness about problems in our medical community to our courts and the legislature to expose the Achilles heel of Fraud and organizational misconduct. Truthful information used astutely to inform those who are empowered to make decisions, can be a very powerful political weapon in our society, capable of defeating money and entrenched corruption and greed. This is like David who defeated Goliath. Medical Whistleblowers put the public interest above their own personal interests and even their own safety and security.As they act with integrity as citizens of our society, they deserve our support, respect and honor.

Who are Medical Whistleblowers?

Medical Whistleblowers come from all walks of life and many professional disciplines. Medical Whistleblowers can be Doctors, Pharmacists, Researchers, Police Officers, Federal Law Enforcement Agents, Nurses, Medical Technicians, Certified Public Accountants, Attorneys, Judges, Therapists, Prosecutors, Hospital CEOs, Academic Medical Instructors, Veterans, Emergency Medical Technicians, and even Patients and their families. Medical Whistleblowers are themselves human rights defenders of others. Medical Whistleblowers risk their livelihoods when they dissent in the name of transparency and openness, and in return often lose their cherished right to privacy and suffer severe personal loss.

Who is a Defender of Human Rights?

The human rights principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights illuminate that vision and point to the means to achieve it.

These principles affirm:

Freedom from persecution;

The right to participate in society;

Protection from harms like torture and discrimination;

and the goal of achieving the highest attainable standard of health for everyone.

Human Rights Defenders can be of any gender, of varying ages, from any part of the world and from all sorts of professional or other backgrounds. In particular, it is important to note that human rights defenders are not only found within non-governmental organizations, and intergovernmental organizations but might also, in some instances, be government officials, civil servants or members of the private sector.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

- Edmund Burke Articles on OpEd News

Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network Association is a grassroots network to provide information and advocacy for those persons who have stepped forward to report medical fraud, patient abuse and neglect and human rights violations…

Areas of Focus Include

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