ASD-Bangladesh (Association for Sustainable Development in Bangladesh)

About Us

Mission of ASD-Bangladesh is to reinforcing an extensive and intensive participatory sustainable development through empowerment of poor in working area. In achieving the mission, ASD-Bangladesh facilitates the rural resource poor (focused on women & adolescent girls including of socially excluded communities) peoples with consciousness raising, institution building & services, appropriate skill, confident and ensure that the rural community have the necessary economic, social infrastructure and environmental resources to tackle their own problems:

a. To enable development partners through releasing intellectual power to combat illiteracy and ignorance includes low level of consciousness and skills.

b. To empower them through releasing productive power to alleviate poverty and achieve food security/sovereignty at family level;

c. To empower them through releasing physical power to fight against and ill-health and diseases including STDs, HIV/AIDS.

d. To empower them through releasing institutional and social power to remove civic inertia.

e. To protect environment and conservation of natural resources and its wise use.

f.  To foster peoples’ culture, social justice, harmony and peace.