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About Us

Established in 1997, Endeavor (http:www.endeavor.org) is leading a global movement to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide. 15 years later, Endeavor has screened 40,000+ candidates and selected 1,100+ entrepreneurs. Supported and mentored by our growing network of 1,000+ local and global business leaders, these entrepreneurs have created over 500,000 high-value jobs and generate more than $7.7 billion in annual revenues. For more information on our model, please visit: http:endeavor.org/model/ourmodel.

Endeavor's "mentor capitalist" model catalyzes a chain reaction in the larger economy—driving investment, creating role models, and incubating the next Silicon Valley in Rio or Cape Town, Cairo or Jakarta. It is a model that Thomas Friedman hailed as the "best anti-poverty program of all". Endeavor is headquartered in New York City and has 25 independently-run country affiliates in Latin America, the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, South Africa, and the United States.