Grassroots Peace Network (National Network to End the War Against Iraq)

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About Us

The National Grassroots Peace Network (formerly the National Network to End the War Against Iraq) is a nation-wide coalition of over 300 peace and justice, student and faith-based organizations united to work to educate the public about the human rights abuses that inevitably follow from war, in an effort to mobilize greater public opposition to policies of war.

Guided by the spirit of grassroots democracy, our vision and our goals include:

- an end to the US occupation of Iraq - the absolute right of the Iraqi people to self-determination - unconditional humanitarian assistance to Iraq - US war reparations to the Iraqi people - control of Iraq's oil and resources by the Iraqi people - spending on human needs not corporate welfare

Our purpose is the same as what we do, which is bringing together community-based organizations at our conferences and regional meetings to share ideas, develop strategies and plan coordinated national events. Our long term vision is to build a strong and vibrant community of people and organizations dedicated to peace, capable of acting in concert to change hearts and minds in favor of supporting war and peace.

The primary issue which our members took up upon our founding in February 2001 was to oppose the sanctions and ongoing bombing of Iraq (1990-2003). While we maintain a focus on the situation in Iraq, we are also preparing to mobilize opposition to the eventuality of future acts of US aggression abroad.