Action Committee for Women in Prison

  • CA


P.O. Box 9867
Marina del Rey
United States

About Us

We are associated with the Southern California Consortium for Criminal Justice and the Action Committee for Women in Prison We started with a local State Prison, The California Institute for Women, in Corona, California, where there are more than 100 women over 50 years old serving long sentences and by 2011 have spread to two other California women's prisons and two in Texas. The current political climate means that few, if any, of women serving long terms will ever be released on parole. Many of these women are lonely, and after years in prison, have lost contact with their families. The pen pal program is for outside women to write to inside women. You may use our PO Box as your return address if that makes you more comfortable and we will forward letters to and from you. This is a fun and meaningful social justice activity which can be done in the privacy and comfort of your own home, in about 20 minutes a month, which costs you only one 44 cent stamp (postage as of Jan 2011). WE only accept women as outside pen pals.