Boston Workforce Development Coalition

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165 Brookside Ave. Ext.
Jamaica Plain
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About Us

The Boston Workforce Development Coalition is dedicated to advocating for, developing, and assisting local initiatives to increase and improve workplace opportunities for underserved Boston residents, including developing career ladders for low-income entry-level worker, advocating for policies, practices, and legislation that increase resources and opportunities in the workplace, and helping build the capacity of local CBOs that are involved in workforce development. The BWDC is a coalition of about 85 local non-profits; it is a membership organization with membership dues and input. Current projects include providing assistance with career ladders, and documenting the impact of local CBO's in workforce development.

Our mission has five parts: 1) to build local cbo's capacity to provide workforce development services; 2) to provide a voice in Boston for local CBO's in workforce development; 3) to advocate for legislation, policies and regulations that further the interests of low-income clients in workforce development; 4) to participate in local, statewide and national coalitions promoting workforce development; and 5) to represent the interests of low-income clients and community residents in policy forums, and decision-making.