SHEWD - Society for Health Environment and Woman's Development


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About Us

SHEWD is attempting to empower women in Thaiba VDC through an income-generating project. SHEWD provides opportunities for the women to sell hand-knit sweaters and other products through their business, Hipknit on the Internet ( All profits from the sales go directly to the women. The women are also trained in small business skills and literacy. The project aims to empower, raise living standards, and help create a network for the women, breaking them free of social and economic isolation. v Some HipKnit products made by the Natural fibers products from natural fiber such as Hemp, Aloo, cotton, wool etc unique designs on items like bags, caps, sweaters, hats, jackets, shirts, shocks, shawls, waistcoat, lunch mat, coaster, knot bag, shoes, and other various gift items can be made Project Objectives: Through the WFSBP, SHEWD hopes to v Identify the poorest women v Make available small loans, training, and information necessary for self-employment through handicrafts v Empower the female children through training at schools in health, rights, responsibilities, decision making and economic participation v Ensure a link between better living and increased income v Assist women in forming working guilds to support each other v Introduce programs in adult literacy, women’s health, and empowerment in the working guilds Anticipated results of the project The most important result will be economic participation for women and increased income. In addition, we hope WFSBP will:

Empower the women; Help women to learn about sound business methods; v Help raise standards of living of individuals and of families; v Help women to network between themselves and with outsiders; v Introduce the help of local technology and computer technology to women’s initiatives; v Strengthen the process of information sharing between funding agencies, welfare organizations, and individual businesswomen. How can you help? You can support our project by purchasing our products, or searching for a market in your own country to export the products. We also accept volunteers to support fundraising, idea sharing and teaching.