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About Us

Volunteer Bali began primarily as an outreach program in which we trained and placed international volunteers in rural villages in Bali to teach English in the public elementary and junior high schools. While Volunteer Bali remains an outreach program, we also run many community classes in the central town of Ubud. At our volunteer center we offer free courses to children and adults in ESL (English as a Second Language), creative arts, yoga, and environmental awareness. Through kind donations to our project we have also been able to provide our villages with quality English books, learning materials, and other educational tools. We are also involved in projects with local figures and other organizations. We have assisted in curriculum development, teacher training, and the education of adult farmers to receive their high school diplomas.In the past two years we have provided over 30 volunteer teachers to bring quality educational services to many villages, schools, children, and families. We run volunteer programs twice a year for 4 months (Feb-June, Aug-November). We provide training, language intensive, visa, room and board, and ongoing support for our volunteers. Volunteer Bali also runs Internship programs and Indonesian Language Immersion Programs.