Because We Care


Ramat HaSharon


About Us

Because We Care is a program at Hakfar Hayarok, which is a formal NGO in Israel.

Hakfar Hayarok is a youth village which combines modern high-tech studies with practical work experience in various fields, in such a way as to develop the students' self-confidence and afford them a sense of achievement. The Kfar has 600 students, both native Israelis and new immigrants, who live together in warm and supportive surroundings.

The Kfar is an educational and organizational complex which aims to empower the students so that they may realize their inner potential and develop both personally and as part of a supportive social framework. This is an educational enterprise which teaches the student to take an active part in all the village activities; co-operation and mutual responsibility are our way of life. The essence of the Kfar is teamwork, which aims at turning out an autonomous value-based future citizen who is prepared to contribute to society.

Our educational credo is to enable students, both external and internal, to study in optimal conditions, so that they can fulfill their potential, extend their knowledge and improve their intellectual achievements. Our aim is to guide them in reaching their capability in order to improve their chances for mobility in the future. They share the experiences of dealing with problems, companionship and social solidarity while accepting and respecting one another.

Because We Care is a program designed to bring non-Israelis to Israel to volunteer in the community in an area of interest to them. We will match participants to volunteer internships, as well as provide room and board, Hebrew language instruction, and educational enrichment.