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About Us

Start a Nonprofit. Ocean Grand Foundations empowers individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, and companies worldwide to make a difference in the nonprofit arena. Ocean Grand enables those that have a desire to do sustainable and significant non-profit projects, philanthropy, and service to start their own nonprofit. Ocean Grand helps these individuals and organizations to set-up, run, and administer foundations, NGOs, and nonprofit organizations around the world that helps any charitable purpose or need.

Ocean Grand educates, instructs, advises, others to create sustaining family foundations, nonprofit organizations, and companies through hands on philanthropy by assisting them to start a nonprofit organizatio structures they can operate within. Ocean Grand itself, creates environments that increase philanthropy and nonprofit work worldwide in a greater capacity.

Much of Ocean Grand's work is done through helping and enabling others to start nonprofit foundations and projects and then working alongside them to empower and fund those projects. Ocean Grand facilitates philanthropy in both its services to others in time and finances through grants.

Ocean Grand is passionate about nonprofit work and those it helps to make the world a better place and help those who cannot help themselves. Through educating, instructing, advising, and its own philanthropy Ocean Grand increases awareness of needs and engages more individuals and organizations in non-profit world changing activities everyday. Through Ocean Grand's existence others get involved in nonprofit work around the world and lives are changed for the better.