Thorpe Family Residence, Inc.

  • NY


406 East 184th Street
United States

About Us

Thorpe Family Residence, Inc. operates two homeless projects: a 16-unit transitional shelter for homeless mothers and children, entitled Thorpe I, and a 20-unit permanent supportive housing project for families, known as Park Avenue Thorpe. Rehabilitated in 1989 with funding from the NYS Homeless Housing Assistance Program, Thorpe I at 2252 Crotona Avenue, provides a safe and peaceful transitional environment for mothers and their children. Programs assist mothers in gaining the skills and confidence needed to secure employment, manage the stress of parenting, and finally secure permanent housing.The sister facility, Park Avenue Thorpe, at 406 East 184 Street, was rehabilitated in 1998 with a Homeless Housing Assistance Program Grant and Low Income Housing Tax Credits. Park Avenue Thorpe provides permanent supportive housing, an innovative concept in New York City where few such facilities exist. Housing is combined with supportive services on site, with extensive volunteer involvement in programs both on and off site. Here homeless families in need of long term support due to incarceration, mental illness, substance abuse and domestic violence receive the support and programs needed to become skilled and able to live as full a life as possible.