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About Us

The Texas Fair Trade Coalition (TFTC) is a diverse, nonpartisan, coalition of unions, environmental advocacy groups, consumer groups, family farmers, religious organizations, women’s advocacy groups, low-income and immigrant advocacy groups, professors, students, public interest and fair trade groups. TFTC promotes democratic control over fiscal and social policies, social justice, workers’ rights and livable wages, and sustainable development in trade policy.


A new society is being put into place that safeguards and expands corporate rights and interests at the expense of human rights, democracy and environmental well-being. This is being done under the rubric of “free trade” and “globalization.” The result has been higher rates of unemployment and poverty; the deterioration of workers’ basic rights and livable wages; the degradation of the environment; the steady disappearance of family farmers; cuts to social programs; the “downsizing” of government services; growing food scarcity and insecurity; and the deregulation of the economy. For over a decade, a corporate agenda has force-fed us this erosion of the incomes and quality of life for most people in Texas and most other places in the world. Globalization is a process that should work to the advantage of the people of Texas and the world, not just corporations. In order for this to happen, people need to be well informed about the institutions that are writing the rules for the new global economy. “We the People” need to know how corporations are using these institutions to forward their own agenda, and what effects this is having on ordinary people’s lives and the environment they live in. “We the People” need to know what alternatives are possible, and how we can mobilize and make our voices heard so globalization can be used to advance the causes of social justice and a clean, safe environment. TFTC promotes the right to adequate food, employment, livable wages, safety in the workplace, education, health care, a sustainable environment and basic public services for all people. TFTC further insists that all people be permitted to play a meaningful role in the decisions affecting these and other public policies and their basic rights. TFTC will work to build a Texas-based coalition of various groups for the sake of a coordinated approach to education and action. TFTC will work to expand and deepen this coalition by continually bringing uninvolved constituencies into the coalition. The group of citizens working to win democratic control over our lives must be continually expanding.

TFTC works toward its vision by:

* Building coalitions across diverse movements in Texas, nationally and internationally * Using education, grassroots mobilization, media and legislative strategies * Identifying local and global impacts of trade and monetary institutions * Presenting alternatives to the present mode of globalization