The Institute for Civil Society of Israel


22/3 A-Rimon Str
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About Us

New Era- The Institute for Civil Society was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization. The founders are new immigrants with education and experience in the humanities such as history, philosophy, public relations, education and psychology. The organization, which has 50 members, is based in Or Akiva, a town in the northern region of Israel.

The main goal of the New Era organization is to encourage initiatives that promote citizen involvement and civil rights. New Era offers educational seminars on democracy-related topics, while working towards a more democratic society, which will in turn improve the Israeli economy, education, political situation and general sense of national pride.

New Era conducts seminars throughout Israel on the following topics: · “Democracy and Legal Consciousness”: Relationship between the individual and the legal system · “Representative Democracy”: Relationship between the general population and its representatives in various systems · “The Heart of Agreement”: Pluralism and democratic values · “Democracy and Public Opinion”: Media, society, the State and the individual