Ranga Kutir Foundation


Azim Buillding (2nd Floor)
1075. Haji Amir Ali Chy Road
Khatungonj. Chittagong


About Us

Ranga Kutir Foundation (RKF) RKF it's a new organization who will work for people, with people in the rural arias.

RKF will se so electric light will reach to people in far out areas where people don’t has a chance to get electricity from the normal net. That will give a chance to increase the literacy level among adults and children. One of the main reasons why it is so important to have light for them is because at daytime, they normally do their work in daylight. At night time they use oil lamps which give a bad black smoke, in the long run it give irritations to eyes, lungs etc.

RKF will also work to develop the areas in the health sector, environment friendly industrial and agricultural sector.

In the long run we will try to turn around the stream of people who leave there villages to go to town to find job, education etc. We want to give them the facilities what they need by working with them to change their infrastructure at their village and their way of living.

One of our targets in the projects we do is to help women's and children whose lives are under life threat, and also women's and children who has survived acid attacks and cant return to their own villages or homes. It can be of different reasons like enemies treat still exciting, the family reject them etc.

Those women's and children will we give a new start in life. We will work for to give them a new home at the rural areas in Banderban. They should get a house, work, education and also a chance for medical treatments. The village we want to build should be for long term staying. If they want to spend the rest of their life there, they should be able to do so, or if they want to try to make a own living after a time, we will help them to do so.

At our project site one of our targets is to build up a clinic witch can serve the people in the aria. At the start we will get a nurse who will work there for six days a week, and a doctor who can come and visit three to four days a month. We also will work to get a health coordinator so that we can improve the people's health on a long term basis.

The biggest part of this project is to build a factory to make tooth picks. It will employ around 30 people of the hill tracks and life threatened women's. The project has to be financed with funds from the Dhaka and Chittagong office. The factory should be able to bear its own cost after 2 -3 years. After that it should expand to start to produce more products out of bamboo.