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About Us

SWODC (Save Widows and Orphans Development Centre) is a local, non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit organization, proactively dedicated to the plight of widows and orphans, women in general, people who are affected with HIV/AIDS, and people with physical disabilities. It is also dedicated to human resource capacity building towards secured employment generation and research networking for growth and worth creation.

As its focus, SWODC operates groups for women, disabled children, widows and orphans as well as deprived and marginalized communities.

SWODC was founded in the year 2000 but officially registered 24th April 2003 by a group of widows with deep-seated initiative and drive, crowned with a clear vision of holistic development in creativity. SWODC plays a facilitative role by guiding its target population to identify their needs, manage their own actions, and determine their own developmental destiny.

Training women (particularly widows) in Tie & Dye/Batik and Soap production and helping women in agriculture are the key concerns of the organization. This SWODC believes could be achieved through effective and positive behaviour change management through training and knowledge acquisition hence the focus on widows, women, orphans, Street children and the disabled as a change agents in the society.

Our Vision/Areas of Focus 1. Occupy a global Centre stage in widows’ welfare and development. 2. Advocate orphans’ welfare. 3. Help and support children with physical disabilities. 4. Help and support disadvantaged and street children. 5. Counsel HIV/AIDS victims. 6. Advocacy for women and children’s rights. 7. To care and support for orphans so that they can develop independent lives. 8. Rehabilitation of disabled individuals. 9. Educate communities about water, sanitation, and health. 10. Develop modern farming methods and storage facilities. 11. To establish orphanage home for the orphans. 12. To establish Vocational Centre. 13. Rehabilitation of Street Children.

B. OBJECTIVES 1. To train widows in income generating activities so that they can be self employed. 2. To care and support for orphans so that they can develop independent lives. 3. To enhance women’s capacity to fight for their rights and empower them socially and economically.

4. Environmental protection, in areas of aforestation de-aforestation and agro-forestry. 5. Volunteering/exchange of culture 6. To enhance the capacity of people with disabilities to become self employed and sustained. 7. To adopt pragmatic projects especially farming to fight poverty amongst women and widows. 8. To design and adopt implemental strategies for mitigating poverty, hunger and starvation, malnutrition, illiteracy, disease, ignorance, gender imbalances, and environmental degradation. 9. To promote and support the ecosystem to enhance environmental safety. 10. To support and work with local and expatriate donor agencies in implementing their projects and programme activities. 11. To create an enabling economic, social, political and legal environment conducive to social development at all levels. 12. To Rehabilitate Street Children

MISSION STATEMENT OF SWODC Harnessing potential capacities of women and children, widows and orphans, physically challenged and vulnerable segments of society into productive entities through advocacy in social, cultural and economic reform strategies.