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About Us

AOT is a non-profit art and cultural organization dedicated to providing opportunities for underrepresented artists and artists at their various stages of emergence, with exhibition space and resources, and arts-based education programming for children in underserved communities in Brooklyn, NY. We fill a gap in arts programming and curatorial initiatives creating diversity through action that consciously works for all people and with/for people of color and communities of color, engaging in contemporary art dialogues beyond community-based initiatives that fail to challenge the status-quo. We also maintain an online journal of art and culture journal (, that provides a confident and well-informed opinion, presenting artists and ideas in the form of feature writing, interviews, and studio visits.

What We Do

AOT Project Salon (AOTps)—Presently located in Williamsburg Brooklyn, the Salon acts as a hub for our growing collective of artists and thinkers. In 2015, we mounted 6 group and solo exhibitions exposing artists at various stages of emergence in their respective careers, shows that address relevant culture topics such as police brutality, and shows that addressed technical concerns that have effected the arts and point to larger social and cultural concerns.

The Equal Education Initiative (TEEI)—brings studio-level arts education to underserved communities working with pre-teens, teens, and young adults (16-24). We spark children's imaginations and lead them to new places of self-confidence, trust, and critical thinking skills. Art builds and strengthens individuals and hence communities. Art is a tool of creative enlightenment and has the power to heal.

The Architecture of Tomorrow Art & Cultural Journal—Created by AOT founder, Douglas Everett Turner in the Fall of 2012. As of October 2015, our journal is press accredited with most major museums here in New York City. The primary objective of the journal is to be a source for meaningful engagement with arts and culture. We consciously choose to pursue the nature of creativity—providing a level of authenticity that elicits an evolved perspective into artists’ practices and challenges we face to create a more equitable existence as a society. We discuss relevant cultural events and issues in the context of the artist’s work, and independently, because these are the phenomena, events, and movements; the historicity informing every artist today.

*Feel free to contact us regarding internships. Currently all internships are unpaid. (Arts Admin., Arts Education, Exhibitions)