Authentic Moves Foundation

About Us


“To develop pro-poor programmes which will catalyse the economic development of the citizens in deprived and less privileged communities in Ghana”.


"To assist needy but brilliant children to become responsible citizens in future, and empower poor parents and widows to make meaningful contribution towards developing the society and the nation as a whole”.


· To formally educate the needy but brilliant children, physically and mentally handicapped by enrolling them in various schools and vocational institutions where necessary, to enable beneficiaries become independent and self-reliant in the near future.

· To develop, establish and provide education, training and financial assistance to the less privileged and vulnerable women in the deprived communities, who aspire to be self-sufficient through the development of their own business.

· To relieve poverty of widows and single parents in the deprived communities in Ghana by providing the necessities of life including but not limited to: education, necessary logistics to set up small business enterprise and engage in effective farm practices. , as well as, assisting in the indigenous development efforts of the community to prevent future food, water and health care crisis.

· To establish, maintain and operate orphanage home, and other facilities for impoverished, vulnerable, and/or orphaned and street children in the Volta Region, Ghana.