University of Pennsylanvia Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology

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About Us

Founded in 1887, the Penn Museum has conducted more than 400 archaeological and anthropological expeditions around the world. Three gallery floors feature materials from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Canaan and Israel, Mesoamerica, Asia and the ancient Mediterranean World, as well as artifacts from native peoples of the Americas and Africa. With an active exhibition schedule, a membership program, and educational programming for children and adults, Penn Museum offers the public an opportunity to share in the ongoing discovery of humankind's collective heritage.

Our Mission

The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, through its research, collections, exhibitions, and educational programming, advances understanding of the world's cultural heritage. Our Commitments and Aspirations:

  • research excellence
  • scientific and ethical integrity
  • highest standards of preservation and documentation of sites and collections
  • excellence in interpretive exhibits
  • effective Communication with our public about the world's cultural heritage
  • service to the University of Pennsylvania community
  • supportive, diverse, and cooperative work environment
  • fiscal capability to support our mission

Our Vision

  • The Museum will continue to undertake field and laboratory research to produce significant knowledge about the human past and present.
  • The Museum will develop engaging exhibits, educational programs, and electronic communications about the human condition which provide opportunities to experience authentic cultural materials and contribute meaningful and enjoyable experiences about what it means to be human.
  • The Museum will continue to be an international resource in research, collections, and outreach. The Museum is committed to contributing to the education of the University of Pennsylvania students, to serving the people of the City of Philadelphia, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the United States, and the world, and to making archaeology and anthropology relevant to global concerns.
  • The Museum will encourage the entrepreneurial efforts of the curators, staff, and other constituencies to enhance the substance and fiscal underpinnings of its vision.

What is Archaeology?

The study of prehistoric and historic cultures as seen in their artifacts, monuments, settlements, and other remains.

What is Anthropology?

The study of culture—how humankind evolved and came to have culture, how cultures change over time and space, and the nature of human diversity.