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About Us

Minka in the Quechua language means reciprocal aid, and in Peru, it represents a social volunteer project that works directly in the most vulnerable and poor populations that are mainly located in the Peruvian Andes (see map of the poverty in Peru), its mission is Improve the quality of life of these people and populations, with projects that promote self-development, not only from the material aspect, but also, in obtaining better and better knowledge, mainly in improving their self-esteem and re-value their culture As a means for these same Persons to be builders of their own personal and community improvement.

This organization has been legally established as a non-profit organization since 2009 by people with real motivation and social training, working hard and continuously with the help of volunteers in areas and people who need real help, has a fairly horizontal organization and Teamwork, you are not treated as a "client", here you are considered a human being with a great heart and many skills that will be well used for the benefit of people who most need, reciprocity, mutual help and fellowship are their main Pillars.

If you are able to integrate into a multi-cultural team, with real motivation to help where more is needed and you want to have a real and total way to experience the culture and country of the Incas, you are invited to participate.

This organization does not represent tourism businesses, nor does it offer fictional experiences on paradisiacal beaches, this is an organization with real human and social work in Peru, offering also an authentic form of cultural exchange without additional cost.

Latest Listings

A different volunteering in the central Andes of Peru helping children and women in situations of risk and exclusion (Volunteer Opportunity)

PERU: volunteering / internship in psycho-emotional support to women with sequels of violence in the central Andes. (Volunteer Opportunity)