Somali American Parent Association (SAPA)

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1433 East Franklin Avenue
Suite 10
United States

About Us

Somali American Parent Association (SAPA) is a non-profit organization empowering Somali families in Minnesota to have the capacity to fully navigate and participate in the school system, to be knowledgeable about educational opportunities, and to be supportive of their children's academic progress.

SAPA provides services to parents and youth in Parent Engagement, Cultural Training, and Youth Development. These programs are conducted in the community, in schools, and with partners to ensure the most effective reach for parents supporting their school-age children, as well as parent engagement in the broader community for their own advocacy. Our parent engagement efforts include education about public processes, public officials, participating in elections, and related community partnerships in order to ensure our voices are heard on behalf of the young people. Our mentorship and support programs for youth focus on productive engagement, self-advocacy, and connections toward a successful future in education and work.

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