Saving Lives Drug and Alcohol Coalition

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Tarzana, CA
United States

About Us

Our Coalition is part of a 501(C)(3), and a Drug Free Communities Grantee from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Coalitions address environmental changes which reduce drug and alcohol use among youth, through Education, Media Advocacy, Increased Enforcement, and Changes in Policies.

Youth substance abuse affects us all. Maybe someone you know is struggling with addiction. Perhaps you live in a community made unsafe by drug and alcohol-related crime. Or maybe someone in your life has been hospitalized, or in a drug or alcohol-related accident. Maybe you know someone lost to an overdose.

Strategic interventions during the preteen and teen years are crucial. According to The Partnership at, youth who use drugs and alcohol are 90% more likely to become addicted. Injuries, hospitalizations, assault, unwanted pregnancies, violence, car accidents, poor brain development, bodily harm, homicide, suicide, and death can occur from the serious problem of youth substance abuse.

Your skills and time are essential for the Coalition’s work. We are always happy to hear ideas from new members.