World Deliverance Ministries, Inc.

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About Us

Formally World Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ, we have evolved and changed into a ministry as of 2004.

More and more non-profits of ALL types that deal with children issues to animals need a place to get " low cost but quality information " to how best establish and maintain the financial aspect of a modern day non-profit organization.

Many groups need to follow the state laws of where there are incorporated, follow the charitable registration regulations, and lastly the most important are the IRS rules and regulations.

Does your group know about " intermediate sanctions " by IRS, and what triggers them ??? we do and we will help you not get into trouble.

Are you in compliance with your states reporting requirements ??

Do you have to file IRS Form 990 ? If you don't have to file I have several GOOD reasons to file anyway, and I will tell you why !

We are a small group of dedicated christians who are planning on helping any recognized charitable group or non-profit corporation with your questions and issues !

We are non-demoniantional and open to all groups regardless of race,creed or gender background.

WE work with groups needing to file their organizing documents to become an IRS recognized 501 C3 tax exempt organization, Form 1023 or 1028.

Non-Profit Accounting Non-Profit Payroll Non-Profit Tax Return Form 990(990-EZ)

Contact us today for a free evaluation of your question(s) or issues.

We are also IRS approved Representation for IRS audits or issues.

We work in ALL fifty United States as well as the US Virgin Islands, Guam and PR.

Mission for 2004: We are raising money to become an IRS Approved Low Income Tax Clinic for low income taxpayers and spanish speaking tax payers, contact us for more information today to donate towards this worthy cause !

We need to raise $ 50,000 for IRS Matching grant of $ 50,000 to open for FY 2005.