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Everglades Youth Rehab-Development Centers (3 Centers )

- just south of Florida City, Florida "at the tip of the peninsula" - operates programs under the auspices of the Florida Dept.of Juvenile Justice - moderate risk and high risk Youth - 13 - 17 year old males - put in our care from "court decisions" in Florida Keys, greater Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando, Tampa .... - "tossed away" kids from the bottom of the totem pole who have grown up surrounded by all those negative pull-downs of our current society ... poverty, truancy, dysfunctional families, neighborhood peer pressures, bounced from school to school, easy-access to drugs, etc etc - our Youth are in our Programs from 6 to 24 months ... - they follow GED courses in the morning ... literacy level low few read or write at their age- level ... - it's the frontlines

You couldn't find a more rewarding or worthwhile venture than to become one of our "Volunteers" and help turn around one of these Youth's outlook on life. We are looking for College students, post-College, business people, community minded people who can join our Youth "chat sessions" to help open these kids eyes to some of the good things out there in life ... to help improve their literacy skills, to help them realize that there are people who care about their future... people who can bring into these Youth Group chat-sessions practical and "put them on the right path" advice and guidance ....

Location : Everglades-FloridaCity Youth Center just off US#1 Causeway on road between Florida City and Key Largo Southern Glades Youth Center just off road that leads to main visitor entrance to Everglades National Park

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Jack Leonard Coordinator of Community Relations and Programs Everglades Youth Centers


"it takes a village ... now, more than ever"