The Englewood Area Community Foundation

  • NJ

About Us

The Englewood Area Community Foundation (EACF), is a non-profit, charitable organization founded in 1998. Its leadership represents the ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity of northern Bergen County. The Foundation’s core mission is to enhance community life. It accomplishes this mission in three ways.

• The EACF provides opportunities for citizens to meet and collaborate in resolving issues of common interest. Face-to-face dialogue develops mutual trust, respect, and understanding that enable area residents to become informed and effective citizens.

• The Foundation’s “culture of philanthropy” fosters an inclusive donor base. Citizens at every level participate in improving their community. The EACF, working in partnership with the Community Foundation of New Jersey, offers a comprehensive menu of philanthropic opportunities, including donor-advised funds, tax-saving annuities, and trust options.

• The EACF makes grants supporting of community-based initiatives that address current and emerging needs in the areas of education, public health, and community building. Working together to improve our region creates communities with purpose.