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Request for collaboration in Hope and Salvation Ministries, Pakistan

Greetings in the Almighty name of Lord Jesus. Subject: Request for collaboration in Hope and Salvation Ministries.

Dear Sir/Madam, We are sending you this introductory letter to introduce our Ministry, H & S Ministries.

What is H & S Ministries? Hope & Salvation Ministries is a non political, non profitable, nondenominational body of possibility thinking Christians committed to an evangelical faith. We exist to glorify God and live out our faith through worship, discipleship and bringing healing and hope into people's lives.

Objectives of the Organization • To answer emergency calls for work during: floods, earthquakes or man-made disasters • To change the mind sets of communities from poverty, ignorance, and spiritual immaturity by establishing media and publishing program that can enable the Gospel to reach all corners of the communities. • To plant Churches in the areas where there is no. • To make Bible college for Youth • To educate children in Sunday school to make the religious base strong. • To help coordinate Lord's work by working with other ministries. • To build and operate shelters for orphans. • To provide monthly support to widows. • To provide education for the Orphans, poor, and disadvantaged Children in the Communities to make them successful citizen. • To Change the social, economic, Spiritual, and emotional living Conditions of the People in the communities from backwardness to a modern state of life by establishing a Vocational Center, Clinic, and Agricultural Program for the rural people.

VISION: Our vision involves moving around the world reaching the non believers and leading them through a process to become fully devoted followers of Christ. We envision a place where the good news of Jesus Christ is shared with enthusiasm and vigor, where the experience of worship is a time of excitement, celebration and expectation. See the world free from injustice, poverty, and sectarianism.

GOAL: To reach people with the Gospel of Christ and developing them into fully, committed followers of Christ to reclaim the Gospel imperative of health and wholeness.

REQUEST: We are sending this letter to introduce our ministry to you. We request your collaboration for this noble work and hope you might help us in whatever way you can. We will be most grateful for your positive response.

Yours, truly, Pastor Faisal Munir President H & S Ministries Email: faisal.munir85@yahoo.com / faisal.munir85@gmail.com Mobile: +92-333-661-73-71 Postal Address: P335, St#5, Dawood Nagar, Waris Pura, Faisalabad, Pakistan 38000 Website: www.hopeandsalvation.weebly.com