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The Hand 4 Burma is registered under German court VR 5730. Hand 4 Burma has been helping the poor and needy in Bangladesh & Myanmar unregistered refugee camps since 2016 after Genocide begun in Arakan State in Myanmar. Hand 4 Burma is an NGO registered in Germany. We are a professional group comprised of Rohingya community, we are looking forward to establishing partnerships with other NGOs, CBOs, and CSOs. Our aim is to lead the path for effective change in the Rakhine state of Myanmar and Rohingya diaspora, where people belonging to the Rohingya community are being persecuted daily.

Access to international aid workers and journalists is severely restricted. However, we are confident that without knowledge of the area and expertise we will be able to provide effective aid to those most in need. We are actively seeking partnerships and associations with other development organizations for the following purposes:

  • Technical assistance and training support
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Community based organizations for self help initiatives
  • Community service organizations for identifying working opportunities
  • Emergency healthcare through mobile clinics, food and water and medicine

The people of the Rohingya community look forward to your support – every little bit counts, so spread the word and get involved.

The State in Myanmar:

Political disenfranchisement has been a long standing practice in Myanmar. The government has also failed to address religious intolerance, in particular against Muslims known as the Rohingya. As one of the first international NGOs set up by a Rohingya Group, we are striving to alleviate problems in 16 townships within the Rakhine region of Myanmar.

Rohingya people of Myanmar have been persecuted with some of the worse violations of humanitarian law. The government has effectively banned all types of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression. The state controlled media is highly proficient in keeping the real side of the people’s plight from reaching the outside world.

Rohingya people are mostly deprived of citizenship, right to free movement, access to healthcare, education, and employment. Security forces are known for a systematic abuse of people belonging to the community, with men, women, and children being physically tortured and ending up deceased in custody.


Myanmar (Burma) Appeal

The Rohingya people are stateless and have nowhere to go. Homeless and without the means to earn a living, hundreds and thousands are suffering on a daily basis from the violence and poverty enforced upon them.

The Rohingyas are one of the most persecuted communities in the world. Although, they have been living in the state of Arakan since the 8th century (which is now part of Burma), the Rohingyas have been under extreme scrutiny by the Burmese government. They haven’t been recognised as citizens of The Union of Burma since the 1962 coup d’etat by General Ne Win. After decades of oppression and marginalisation, the passing of the 1982 Citizenship Law deemed them officially stateless.

Muslim Rohingya children are suffering from severe malnutrition in overcrowded camps in Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Most are not in school and desperate for an education.

Hand 4 Burma was one of the few charities working in Myanmar. With your help, we have been able to provide a lifeline to the Rohingya people

However, with an escalating humanitarian crisis, there is still much work to do, and the Rohingya people still need your help.

Please donate generously.

Almost three years after a state of emergency was declared in Rakhine, Myanmar, around 800,000 Rohingyan people remain displaced, living in camps and makeshift shelters.

Persecuted for decades, with no place to call home, they are desperate for your help. Many have no hope to flee the violence as neighbouring countries have closed their borders due to increasing influx of refugees.  

They desperately need food, water and healthcare.

Hand 4 Burma have been on the ground providing emergency aid and long-term development programmes to the internally displaced in Myanmar.

We now need to provide emergency healthcare through mobile clinics, food and water and medicine.

Emergency education project for children in Sittwe

Over 3,700 internally displaced children in Sittwe, Rakhine State will be given the opportunity to go back to school thanks to Society for Humanitarian Aid emergency education project. Since the communal conflict began in 2012, Muslim communities have been confined to camps or have returned to their villages. A number of these villages are underdeveloped and lack adequate sanitation facilities. As movement restrictions are placed upon the Muslim community, many face challenges in gaining access to education and healthcare services.

Education for internally displaced children

Children living in camps and villages have not been able to go to school for almost two years, especially as many of them are not furnished and lack basic facilities. Society for Humanitarian Aid emergency education project aims to rehabilitate internally displaced children back into education and refurbish schools that have been destroyed due to conflict. Since the project began, students have been given stationary supplies, which include books and bags. Teachers at various schools were given stationary to help them carry out lessons. Society for Humanitarian Aid will work with the Ministry of Education in Myanmar to conduct essential training for teachers in February 2015.

Education and Healthcare for children in Sittwe, Myanmar.

Hand 4 Burma Plans to distribute clothes to 10.000 children living in IDP (internally displaced people) camps and in surrounding villages in Sittwe are underway. The project to deliver medical supplies in partnership with Burmese local NGO. Medical supplies will be given to two Society for Humanitarian Aid mobile health clinics and the project will start soon.

The Hand 4 Burma is registered under German court VR 5730. Hand 4 Burma has been helping the poor and needy in Bangladesh & Myanmar unregistered refugee camps since 2016 after Genocide begun in Arakan State in Myanmar. Hand 4 Burma is an…


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