Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger

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2010 Fulton Street
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About Us

BedStuy Campaign Against Hunger (BSCAH) is a non-profit agency working vigorously to end hunger in the greater Bedford-Stuyvesant/Ocean Hill/Brownsville neighborhoods of Brooklyn in Community Board Districts 16 and 3. The Mission of BedStuy Campaign Against Hunger is to end hunger by distributing food and empowering families through information and support, which will give both strength and dignity to the community.

We are unique amongst emergency food programs in Brooklyn because of our “supermarket style” approach to emergency food. The “supermarket style” pantry allows customers to select for themselves, both fresh fruits and vegetables and food items from the pantry shelves, instead of receiving a pre-packaged pantry bag. Our “supermarket style” pantry provides enough food for nine nutritious meals for every shopping customer, which comes out to be 99,000 meals a month.

Outreach to the working poor is another important aspect to our program. Due to the ever increasing cost of living, many working families find themselves having to decide between paying the rent and having enough food to eat. To accommodate this issue, we have extended pantry hours every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1-6:30PM; to allow for customers with jobs, but who are have difficulties making ends meet, to shop for food as well.

In addition to our “supermarket style” pantry, BSCAH also offers several other community programs to customers. Eat Well and Live Well – Nutritional Program:

Our Eat Well and Live Well program allows for customers with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and other dietary/health restrictions to come in once a week to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables, in order to help them maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

My Favorite Place Thrift Store:

Our community Thrift Store “My Favorite Place” located just down the street from BedStuy Campaign Against Hunger provides low income families in the neighborhood with affordable and quality items for their families and homes. Shoppers can purchase donated items, both new and used, in a comfortable and friendly environment at very affordable prices. Proceeds generated from the store go back to BSCAH to help it fund its mission to end hunger.

We also offer the following social services to the community: • Summer Camp • Computer Training • Toy Distribution • Financial Workshops • Dental Checkups • Food Stamp Screenings • Vision Screenings • Fitness Classes • Enrollment for Publicly Supported Health Insurance • Pre-HIV Testings • Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Testings • Referrals to other agencies

BSCAH is one of the largest food pantries in Brooklyn and is open to customers five days a week. Mondays and Thursday 10-3PM and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 10-6:30PM.