Hopeless Child Care ASsociation

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Good News Church Po Box 1572

About Us

VISION; To see that all the needy kids, teens and the helpless families don’t loss hope for their future, thus encourage them to mature their dreams and ambitions for the future well conversant with God’s word and respect for humanity adults.

MISSION; Facilitating our Association from 12 – 17 years and helpless families. We also need every one to make a covenant with the Almighty Saviour for the rest of his or her life.

OBJECTIVES: 1 To provide the needy with the basic needs. 2 To improve there standards of living. 3 Encouraging their spiritual healthy i.e.; where there’s no hope we encourage them that God is the best hope and he creates away where there’s no way. Real God is the father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless, husband to the widows and the parent to the helpless (orphans). 4 To provide education to all the helpless and those who can’t afford, them. 5 To comfort the being lonely through counseling. 6 To provide medical care for example when one gets sick then he or she is taken to the hospital.