Serve Our Youth

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1548 Hull Ave.
Des Moines
United States

About Us

Our Mission:

“To extend God’s love and mercy to Iowa’s high-risk youth.”

Our Vision:

“To equip an expanding network of congregations to provide high-risk youth with resources and relationships where God’s hope and healing are shared.”

Our Values:

•Genuine Relationships Serve Our Youth Network supports positive, healthy relationships between adults and youth; our staff and local churches; & our staff and supporters. We believe these relationships are an outgrowth of the most fundamental relationship: the relationship each human may have with God through Jesus Christ. •Biblical Stewardship Serve Our Youth Network pursues utmost integrity in the management of time, finances, talents, and other resources as provided by God through volunteers, donors, and staff. •Christ-like Love Serve Our Youth Network highly values the servant lifestyle as exhibited in relation to youth, volunteers, churches, and the greater community. SOY promotes Christ-like love as we meet emotional, physical and spiritual needs of youth through both word and deed.