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Kisarawe, Kibaoni, Sanze Road

About Us

BAMITA HUDUMA KWA JAMII is an NGO with the aim of delivering community services without making profit which registered under NGO Act No 24 of 2002 in 2006..

BAMITA is working with different stakeholders having common goal of reducing and controlling HIV/AIDS and Orphans Vulnerable Children through different interventions..

BAMITA is among of main HIV /AIDS support organization in Kisarawe District Tanzania whose credibility spreads across the entire community, government institutions and donor community as well. BAMITA HUDUMA KWA JAMII has good reputation and attracts the whole community to engage in addressing community needs especially the need OVC and PLHIV. Currently, BAMITA awarded to implement Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) Program called Pamoja Tuwalee for five years (2010-2015).

BAMITA is available to fight against HIV/AIDS and care for OVC with support services in prevention infection rate to youth community at Kisarawe and Tanzania at large. The focus is to empower MVC households and People Living withHIV/AIDS (PLHIV) community with sustainable Programs and IGAs through projects to reach young people with health education and support specializing on issues of promoting safe sexual reproductive and HIV/AIDS prevention practices, which will in turn promote behavior change and sense of independence by first of all gaining knowledge through training and later engaging themselves in income generating activities after the formation of youth serving and credit clubs (microfinance).

Among other, the following activities have been conducted by BAMITA

  1. BAMITA has formed 6 PLHIV support groups with 243 PLHIV
  2. Formation and supporting 6 MVC clubs and 70 out of school OVC supported with Vocational education
  3. Provision of nutritional education and counseling to 1023 household for PLHIV/OVC
  4. BAMITA in collaboration with other stakeholders strengthened VCT services
  5. Provision of education support from school fees to materials to more than 300 OVC
  6. Entrepreneurship skills to PLHIV and OVC and IGA initiation activities
  7. Distribution of Mattresses to 100 PLHIV (emergency suport)
  8. Volunteers trained and support with working tools for OVC and PLHIV
  9. Acquire land for OVC farms in 18 Villages by the