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About Us

Mission Statement: To know and understand the natural horse, we better know, understand and accept ourselves, ---and others. INFO.-Wellness, Health, and Spirit) We release the root issues behind stress that causes body and behavioral changes, to minimize treatable symptoms, and eliminate the labels that are attached, to lower the need for chemical drugs. We help to empower individuals to take personal control of their bodies & lives, and to develop emotional well-being, a positive mental health. We encourage cooperation, appreciation, faith, and independance. Offer support & gentle guidance to gain quality of life, for those experiencing difficult circumstances which often lead to undesirable behavior. Our programs give a fresh look at life situations, when with a different species -and their horse, their spirit, strength, integrity, and behavior, to change lives. Wholeness. Communication. Confidence, Personal Control,and Mind-Body behavior, Spirituality, Mind-Body Coordination. Your words and actions transfer energy in body & mind, positive or negative. We seek positive results, with love, understanding, and compassion. We include: life skills, prevention & intervention, safety & survival for personal empowerment. Our program is also for those who will continue to help others. We desire beginning many small operations for private work with individuals. A teaching facility will continue the study and importance of the relationship between horse & human, for improved mental, emotional, and physical health. We help people to heal from within, and to develop a higher appreciation for the Divine. For self, family and community .

We are currently as of November 2004, coaching 25 individuals to become Horse Holiday Consultants. They are in five states, with more to come.