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About Us

A Brief History of Assumption School

Assumption School is located in Majuro (the capital of the Marshall Islands) and was established as a Catholic elementary school by Rev. Leonard Hacker, S.J. in 1954. Although the Catholic population in the Marshall Islands is less than 10%, this Catholic elementary school gained a reputation for offering the best education in Majuro, attracting students from other denominations. When Father Hacker decided to build a larger church in 1971, parents approached him and asked him to start a high school as there was no comparable high school for their children to continue their education. Father Hacker delayed the building of the new church and started Assumption High School in 1972.

Mission Statement of Assumption School

We at Assumption School commit ourselves to the education and formation of the whole person, and to instilling in our students a willingness and desire to serve God and the Marshallese Community, sharing with others the skills and talents they develop at our School.

Philosophy of Assumption School

Assumption School is a Catholic Christian educational institution that strives to provide a superior education for academically qualified youth. Every effort will be made to ensure that no student is denied an education at Assumption due to lack of financial means.

Our primary objective is two-fold: (1) The formation of the whole person- this means that in addition to academic formation, students will be challenged to grow spiritually, morally, psychologically, socially, physically and emotionally. Assumption students will develop leadership skills, by being challenged to grow in areas of responsibility, integrity, initiative and concern for others. (2) Service to the Marshallese community- this means students will share skills, talents, and values, developed at Assumption to affirm, support and promote Marshallese culture. We at Assumption School utilize the western educational system to help our students understand and appreciate the Marshallese culture.

Through growth in these areas we seek to form students who will use their training and skills in service of social justice. By doing so, Assumption students are capable of continuing Christ’s mission in the Marshall Islands and throughout the world.

Finally, Assumption School affirms the role of parents as primary educators of their children. Assumption will assist parents in understanding and fulfilling this role by encouraging parents to support the school with their time and talents. Parents are partners in the governance of Assumption School.


“Loving God by serving others”