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About Us A New Call for Proposals, leverages the social networking capabilities of the internet to close the gap between funders and grantees. There are nearly one million non-profit charities in the United States, over one-hundred thousand philanthropic organizations, and (in addition to the federal government) thousands of county and municipal governments, which all make up the fabric generally referred to as the public good. PropNet is a democratizing platform that is that has the potential to forge connections between these interdependent parts. By strategically connecting funders and grantees across the expanses of space and possibility, bridges the information gap that often prevents funding worthwhile programs and services. provides network members with access to information and resources regarding foundations and nonprofit charity organizations. You can find links to leading organizations in both the corporate and private philanthropic communities. Also provides information from nonprofit strategists, researchers, and evaluators.The network additionally provides access to tips on grantwriting.

The syndicated content from the leaders in philanthropy and non-profit research, and posted funding opportunities can be shared with other members of the network via or The online forum allows network members to discuss the news/info on the site with other members of the network. With a high-level of engagement, draws on the experiences and knowledge of others leveraging the strength of social networking.