Hispanic-Serving Health Professions Schools

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About Us


The mission of the HSHPS is to improve the health of Hispanics through the development of academic education and training.

The principle goals of the Association are as follows:

-To strengthen the nation’s capacity to educate Hispanic health profession students and increase the number of high-quality health care providers to serve and improve the health status of Hispanics; -To develop educational opportunities in health profession schools’ curriculum, research and clinical experiences, enabling Hispanic and non-Hispanic health profession students to provide excellent health care to Hispanic populations;

-To establish or expand outreach projects, grants and scholarships for Hispanics to enter health profession careers;

-To stimulate health profession institutions to increase, promote and retain Hispanic faculty and researchers;

-To identify targeted health outcomes which will improve the health of Hispanic populations and support health policy, systems of care, and projects which secure these outcomes; and

-To promote collaboration at the regional and national levels between educational institutions, communities and other partners.