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About Us

ImpactMatters, a 501(c)3, conducts “impact audits” of nonprofits to rigorously estimate their philanthropic impact, compelling them and their funders to make evidence-based decisions.

Woeful accountability plagues the philanthropic marketplace. Funders pour money into nonprofits in pursuit of philanthropic wins. But few – very few – have the capacity to determine the impact of their grants. The lack of a credible rating system for nonprofits leads to billions in wasted dollars.

Our impact audits provide a creative, promising solution. The audits certify whether the claims made by nonprofits about their impacts are supported by professional assessment of data. The benefits of audits are two-fold. They help funders focus grants where they do the most mission-driven good. Also, importantly, audits help the nonprofits identify what they need to do to improve performance and more accurately describe impact.

Our vision is ambitious. We seek to reshape philanthropy by creating an industry standard for assessment. Today, most nonprofits do not seek ratings because they suffer no penalty for eliding critical assessment. Down the proverbial road, we see funders requiring applicants to undergo our impact audit (or someone else’s equally rigorous audit). Once that happens, we see nonprofits flocking to undergo impact audits to preserve any chance of winning external support.