iServe Third Ward

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3260 Truxillo St
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About Us

iServe Third Ward is a service-learning initiative, which is organized and operated by university students with the assistance of the SBL staff. The objective of iServe Third Ward is to further increase civic engagement among college students and young adults, through the ongoing development and implementation of student driven initiatives.

Each week college students conduct a tutoring and mentoring program for up to 50 children on the grounds of Cuney Home. The students assist them with homework, conduct educational activities (i.e. math competitions, spelling bees, reading exercises), play sports, and also teach them to perform short skits, poetry and dance routines.

iServe requires volunteers to complete such tasks as tutoring, literacy activities, performing arts, and arts and crafts activitiies.

Hours of Operation Monday- Friday 3:00p- 6:00p