Friends Care And Development Center, Inc.

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San Antonio

United States

About Us

The mission of Friends Care And Development Center is to function in support of charitable, educational, religious and/or humanitarian purposes.

More specifically, the organizations' purpose is to love, encourage, motivate and develop a better attitude in whosoever will come, from among the spiritually lost, alone, hurt and/or homeless. The standard used for instruction and teaching is the Word of God the Father in the Bible, as set forth by Jesus Christ the Son, and witnessed by the Holy Spirit.

On a community level, the organization is interested in helping organize neighborhood watch programs in an effort to deter crime, as well as clothing and food distribution programs to assist the needy, It is also interested in administering aid to the handicapped, disabled and the mentally or emotionally disturbed.

Friends Care And Development Center is for all people. Its' purpose is to help people help themselves and others through Jesus Christ.