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About Us

Smile Kids Japan encourages and helps communities in Japan build culturally diverse teams of dedicated volunteers to regularly visit children at their local orphanage(s). With regular visits, volunteers provide children who rely on those orphanages with big brother/ big sister mentorship and cultural exchange through educational and fun activities.

Our Mission

• Build awareness of orphanages and child welfare in Japan

• Provide children who rely on Japan's orphanages with a sense of stability through big brother/ big sister mentoring

• Provide and promote cultural exchange to broaden children's horizons and worldviews

• Encourage communities across the country to build culturally diverse volunteer teams and start monthly visits to their local orphanages

• Have every orphanage in Japan visited by a team of dedicated volunteers once a month

• Support volunteers in every way possible to make visits happen, and make them successful

We fully support Japan's orphanages, and the Smile Kids Japan name has become a trusted name in Japan's child welfare community. We have worked with staff and children in orphanages across the country. With that experience, we are able to easily liaise between orphanages and volunteers in order to make relationships work, and provide only benefits for all involved.

We fully support volunteers by assisting them with making orphanage visits successful. We provide assistance right from the start by helping volunteers contact, and start relationships with their local orphanage(s). We provide continual support. ideas, and advice for as long as a volunteer/ volunteer team wishes to donate their time and skills to our cause.

If you are living in Japan and interested in starting visits to your local orphanage, or are interested in joining a current volunteer team in your area, read more about our organisation, and contact us through