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Action to Save Children and Their Rights (ASCAR) is anon profit organization in Uganda. Established in 2010 .Ascar has been providing assistance to children and those in need. Since 2010 ASCAR (Action to Save Children and their Rights) has been working to change the live of children who are disadvantage we are going to show you how this work has been accomplished and how the children have gone on to a brighter future as a result. Children are recommended in many ways, through social service, friends and family ,other charities whilst we may not be in a position to cure illness or disability nor relieve poverty, we are certain that your generosity will help to improve the lives of children disadvantaged by their situation. We invite you to explore our site, learn more about our work, tell us what you think, and join the community that surrounds Action to Save Children and their Rights as we continue helping to bring hope to many more children each year. If you would like to offer help in any form, please contact us on


Children are recommended in many ways, through social service, friends and family ,other charities whilst we may not be in a position to cure illness or disability nor relieve poverty, we are certain that your generosity will help to improve the lives of children disadvantaged by their situation.

We are anon – profit organization committed to helping children in need. We assist in various areas that the government and other organization can not. This way we are able to apply monies in children’s activities and towards any situation that might arise in children.

Our volunteers and staff work hard to provide assistance to children of all walks of life. Perhaps you could or would like to help us in other ways. For more ideas on how you can help, contact us Please also though tell your Family, Friends, and Colleagues about us, and if they want to help, please ask them to contact us.


Here at ASCAR our vision is to offer quality services to the vulnerable and disadvantaged. We do this by providing a variety of services. PROJECTS


The objective of the Uganda teaching program is to contribute to the academic development of poor local schools in order to provide the best opportunity for Ugandans from poorer backgrounds to still receive quality education. Teaching at a Ugandan community school is an experience not to be missed. Although their lives have been tough, the local children are extremely, polite, cheerful and friendly and are eager to learn. The presence of a mzungu (westerner) is always a great novelty for them. Volunteers are required to teach children ranging in age from 4-17 years. Typical subjects taught include – English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art and Physical Education. Schools in Uganda run for three terms a year although the school terms vary from year to year but are approximately as follows: (Term One – January to March, Term Two – May to July, Term Three – September to November). There are short breaks between these terms in the months of April, August and December during which time volunteers can take a break, travel, engage in tourist activities such as safari, take tutorials (holiday classes), or participate in another placement, (for example; volunteers can assist with the physical upkeep of the school such as painting, decorating and mending desks or work on an orphanage project) N.B. Volunteers DO NOT need to be a qualified or experienced teacher. Volunteer simply need enthusiasm, an open mind, caring spirit and a compassionate nature.


In Uganda, many areas are severely lacking in sufficient medical services and HIV/Aids awareness. Nearly every family in Ugandan villages and townships has had someone who is sick or has died from HIV. Therefore, education continues as an important weapon in the fight against this prolific disease. Action to save children and their rights (ASCAR) volunteers work alongside local staff to provide awareness programs at both a community level (to schools, community groups and institutions) and at a personal level (with individual counseling and home visits). The program is divided into four areas and volunteers generally participate on these as they are required and where they have experience/where they feel comfortable – HIV/Aids Education and Awareness, HIV/Aids Counseling Training (TOT), Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) and HIV/Aids Community Outreach. Volunteer duties can include the following; Training members of the community to become peer educators in HIV/AIDS, nutrition and to be counselors; Providing outreach to HIV/Aids sufferers, through counseling, cooking, washing clothes, cleaning and delivering food supplies to those infected or affected by HIV/Aids; Compiling information and assisting in printing HIV/Aids awareness materials such as booklets, handouts and brochures which will be given to the Ugandan communities in which you work to prevent the spread and reduce the stigma of HIV/Aids; Educating schools, churches, mosques and other community groups about HIV transmission and prevention. This can also include the provision of free HIV blood testing and counseling to schools and other members of the community.


Volunteers are required for the on-going construction and water building projects in the Ugandan communities with whom we work. Volunteers work in manual labor jobs alongside skilled and unskilled local workers to help with the construction work. Volunteer tasks can include construction, renovating, painting and white-washing, landscaping, digging of trenches, refurbishing sports fields, and brick laying. Volunteers do not need prior building experience, but skilled workers are very welcome. This is a very “hand on, hands dirty” type of program. Enthusiasm, strong work ethic and a good sense of humor are required. Volunteers on this program also have the option on teaching in local schools as a break from the physical work. NB The construction and renovation program also attracts a US$5 per day surcharge to cover the cost of materials for this program.


The ASCAR sports development program provides a range of activities and sports for children to participate in that they would not usually have the opportunity to. Different activities such as football, volleyball and netball can be organized on a regular basis and teams and tournaments established. It is a great way to build up a child’s team spirit, and confidence and matches are organized between other local teams in the area. Volunteers are encouraged to help in the coaching and organization of all types of sports. While football is very popular, if volunteers have a specific sport they wish to teach the children, this is always welcomed and received very well by the children. This project traditionally takes place over weekends and after schools. We therefore recommend that the volunteer must also be involved in the teaching project or another project to keep them busy. Once you register please inform your program coordinator of what other placement you would like to be involved in. Please understand that this project, more than any of the others requires you to take the initiative to set up activities. You will need to come prepared with an idea of what activities you want to do with the children in the area, and if possible bring some equipment with you (or be able to buy in Uganda if available such as football equipment).

Hand in Hand project.

Hand in hand is a scholarship program that supports the desperate and vulnerable children and the inspiring people who care for them. Some children are lucky enough to have living parent, although often sick, but many are cared for by grandmothers, neighbors and relatives. These enable children to grow up in caring homes attend local schools, have better nutrition and remain connected with their community. Which is the best way internally to care for the vulnerable children?

Sponsor ship provides the children with access to food, shelter, education, medical care, counseling and HIV/AIDS education. As the children grow they also get participate in arrange of programs designed to improve their confidence and life skills, encouraging them to take advantage of the special opportunities available through the hand in hand program. Opportunities like the chance to finish school, gain vocation skills and safe employment.

Life skills project.

The children we work with face considerable ostracism and discrimination from their local communities. The cultural learning program uses theatre to engage and empower participants to tell life stories and educate the communities about the issues they face.

Through the program young people also have the opportunity to become theatre instructors. The story telling component will engage younger children in traditional stories that build cultural literacy and explore contemporary social issues affecting them. This will build their self-esteem that allows children to become confident and healthy younger adults.

Promoting child rights

Many children in Uganda at large face daily violation of their rights, including violence and abuse at school. Our child right project involves educating children, caregivers and the general community on child rights and their responsibilities. It also provides the children and care givers with access to legal advice and advocacy. The best protection for vulnerable children is through education. This means the caregivers are better able and promote the rights of children

Our planned projects.

ASCAR currently plans to build a community school in Kawempe and Bunankanda. Based on a successful African model, the school will set an example in Uganda of how to achieve high standards of education in desperately impoverished communities. The school will actively involve parents and the wider community in the education of the children.

The school will also be used to run programs to benefit the wider community such as classes in adult literacy, basic business, sexual health and parenting skills.

New micro-business projects: once funding is fully secured, ASCAR will be starting adult micro-business cooperative in wakiso.

Actions to Save Children and their Rights will also start up a farm were children and their carers get access to farming skill.


Western Union or Money Gram

When sending money through Western Union or Money Gram:

Receiver: kasozi hamuza

Destination: Kampala, Uganda.

Purpose: Volunteer fees or Donation.

NOTE: if sent through WU you need to send us a note stating when, how much, test question and answer, and the money transfer control number.


How much does it cost to volunteer with ASCAR?

PLEASE NOTE: these fees are subjected to change due to resources availability.

One (1) week: 100 English pounds or $ 150 USD

Two (2) weeks: 200 English pounds or $ 300 USD

Three (3) weeks: 300 English pounds or $ 450 USD

Four (4) weeks: (one month): 400 English pounds or $600 USD.

How do I apply to volunteer for ASCAR?

We are currently working on the online application; in the mine time all you have to do is to email us at Please provide the following information: ACTION TO SAVE ACTION TO SAVE CHILDREN AND THEIR RIGHTS (ASCAR).

Volunteer Application.




City: State: Zip:

Telephone Number: Social Security Number:




City: State: Zip:

Telephone Number:

Educational background (include schools and degrees):

Current and past participation in community activities

Volunteer Position Desired:

Availability: Days: Hours:

Cultural/creative/social activities, which you enjoy:

Subjects you would be interested in tutoring:


Have you ever been convicted of a crime? NO YES

If yes explain, including date(s) and place(s).

Are criminal charges pending against you without a final disposition? If yes, explain, including date(s) and place(s).

Please circle the words that describe your personality.

Inquisitive Sensitive Shy Talkative Creative

Adventuresome Happy Nervous Friendly Patient

Confident Moody Withdrawn Insecure Impatient

Temperamental Analytical Quiet Outgoing Empathetic


Describe the benefits you hope to realize from your volunteer experience.

Describe any work/life experience that will assist you in being a volunteer.

The following demographic information is optional and used for statistical reporting purposes only:

Date of birth: Place of birth:

Sex: Male, Female:

Please give us the names, addresses and daytime telephone numbers of two persons who have known you for at least one (1) year and well enough to vouch for your character, reputation and morals. One of these should be your employer or supervisor if you are actually employed. References will remain strictly confidential.

Name: Daytime phone:


City: State: Zip:

Relationship to applicant:

Name: Daytime phone:


City: State: Zip:

Relationship to applicant:

The above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I grant permission to The Children's Home to verify my employment and to contact the references provided, as well as various police enforcement agencies and child protection services. I understand that, for my own protection as well as the protection of the student(s), all volunteer activities involving student contact must take place at ASCAR in a public setting under the supervision of the ASCAR staff member.




Tel: +256751306090, +259782-397639



Action to Save Children and their Rights activities are geared towards enhancing the concept of opportunity, recognizing that children are defined individually and should not be further disadvantaged by their illness, disability or situation.

Volunteer are cornerstone of Action to Save Children and their Rights and are valued for their caring commitment and for the wide range of skills, experience and roles they bring to the charity.

Action to Save Children and their Rights can be a voice for children and younger people in Uganda and can help raise awareness to the responsibilities of parenting, drug and alcohol abuse, underage pregnancy and STD’s all of which impact on many communities both locally and nationally.

We will continue to grow in order to provide caring response in an innovative and appropriate manner.

We will always work with, and on advice of, those individuals and organizations referring the children for assistance, to ensure that the children’s needs are met in a caring, responsive, practical and friendly manner.

If you would like to offer help in any form, please contact us on


Action to Save Children and Their Rights (ASCAR) is anon profit organization in Uganda. Established in 2010 .Ascar has been providing assistance to children and those in need. Since 2010 ASCAR (Action to Save Children and their Rights) has…

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