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About Us

Am Seth Nuer from Ghana West Africa. Am the executive director of an organization called Virginbeau foundation. It is a non-profit and non-denominational organization entrusted with the sensitization of young people on the need to remain sexually abstinent until marriage. This we believe is the only way to curb the single number one killer disease AIDS and other STDs. Do you know that in 25 years it has become the greatest pandemic ever and indications are that it will continue to increase? Sub-Saharan Africa with an estimated 25.3 million infected has become the epicenter of the pandemic. In this region alone 2.4 million died from the effects of AIDS in the year 2008, which is 80 percent of the worldwide total. Ghana no doubt falls within this region. The HIV/AIDS prevalence in Ghana is currently estimated at 1.9 percent at (2007). 90 percent of all infected persons fall between the ages of 15 and 25 years. Peak ages in men are 30-39 years. Peak ages in women are 20-29 years. The window of hope is the 4-14 years age group. Heterosexual relationship accounts for approximately 80 percent of all infection. In Ghana, sexual contact is the prime means of HIV infection. Lack of moral standard evidently promotes the spread of the disease. Many have the notion that it is not practical to advocate sexual abstinence for the unmarried because they are bombarded daily with sexual images of what they should look like and how they should behave. Virginbeau believes that it is not true. This has no religious undertone; it is a moral truth that total abstinence is our only hope for our dieing generation. For this reason we launched a campaign dubbed “Sex Is Worth Waiting For”. Hence, Virginbeau Foundation. Our vision statement is to sensitize young people to remain sexually abstinent until marriage. Our mission statement is to ensure that every young person in every nation, in every people group has the privilege to hear the message of “sex is worth waiting for”.

OBJECTIVES (a) Develop a teaching material which would pragmatically help young people remain sexually abstinent. (b) Partnering with Ghana Education Service and Social Welfare. So that we can reach young people in the schools, particularly the primary and junior high schools. (c) Help sponsor needy children who have acute parental and financial need. (d) Create Virginbeau clubs in schools. (e) Organize “sex is worth waiting for” seminars and workshops for church and Muslim leaders and school teachers. (f) Organize Family Life seminars for parents and guardians. (g) Set up a counseling centre for young people, especially those who have been sexually abused. (h) Reassure those who are sexually active that they can remain celibate until marriage. (i) Build healthy recreational centers at deprived communities to give them an alternative with regards to positive engagement of their energies. (j) Help teenage mothers give meaning to their lives by aiding them acquire a vocation or if necessary continue their education. (k) Adopting deprived communities by helping enhance their social facilities like water, electricity, roads, education etc. Since poverty is one major cause for the upsurge of HIV/AIDS in our society. (l) Mobilizing volunteers from within and withal to partake in this singular privilege in making our world a better place. (m) Partnership with like minded organizations.

As part of our objectives we have adopted 12 islands. Until recently when we started visiting the Islands, we saw the need to engage missionary trips because we realize our message was not resonating due to the pressing needs of the people. The river is their source of livelihood. Hence they suffer from water borne disease like bilharzae, river blindness etc.They have problems with access to portable drinking water and proper educational facilities. Girls were actually taken to Cote d’voire to engage in commercial sex activities. Young boys of about 6-12 years are bought by slave masters from parents to engage in dangerous fishing escapades. They are often exploited by their masters. Girls are often taken to shrines to slave for a family’s debt, often sexually abused by the fetish priest. This informed our decision to adopt these Islands. But basically we go to the schools, organize seminars and vacation “sex is worth waiting for” school (SWWS) for primary and junior high schools. We also offer opportunities to volunteer groups who want to help spread the message. For pictures of the place for your consideration I would need your email address. You can mail me