Department of Arts and Consciousness

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About Us

The Department of Arts and Consciousness (A&C) in the School of Holistic Studies at JFK University helps students deepen their understanding of creativity as spirit, thought and process. Through an innovative combination of academic, technical and experiential courses, faculty members facilitate this awareness. This community of artists, formed by faculty and students, is dedicated to a common vision: As artists, we create objects and events that alter and enrich human consciousness. As teachers, we help our students discover their own, most profound sources of creativity and life. As healers, we use creativity and passion to promote well-being. We help the world by discovering and expressing the sacred within ourselves.

The Department of Arts and Consciousness helps students go farther into the deepest levels of consciousness, and then return to the world of phenomenon and social interaction with new tools for change. This journey between the inner and the outer is the essence of Arts and Consciousness.

A&C promotes dialogue about how art can reestablish itself as a central activity in human existence. Students and faculty discuss artwork not only in formal terms but in terms of transformation and inner awareness. Artists in the outside community and our students come together to create new ways for art to exist. The Arts and Consciousness Department is a place where change occurs-where we learn to create a new reality and a new culture.