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About Us

We are a Peruvian non-profit organization Legally formed in 2009 and has been working continuously with its own projects created with the aim of offering a non-commercial, direct and alternative voluntary work program, we work with a philosophy of participation Horizontal and team, developing a social work directly and without intermediaries aimed to help and improve the quality of life of people and communities that are subject to risk and economic, social and cultural exclusion, in areas declared in extreme poverty in Peru, mainly inthe Peruvian Andes, where are the greatest number of people with these characteristics. (for details see "map of poverty in Peru")

one of our axes is a program to provide training, emotional support and material assistance to many young children living in an area in extreme poverty in the city of Huancayo in the Andes of Peru, we use a playful and practical methodology (in training) in subjects such as ecology, self-esteem, emotional support, school support, values, pastries, crafts, educational games among others.

The other program is aimed to promote community sustainable self, in communities in difficult economic and social situation, there developed various projects such as: Bio-gardens community, ecological kitchens, groups of self-help women's, human rights and gender, reforestation and we are also expanding projects preventive health and nutrition. (any idea is welcome too)

We are urgently in need of motivated volunteers to help us promote our work, given our Horizontal character in participation and organization, as a volunteer you can adapt and fill any role or function, according to your abilities, possibilities and commitment to the organization. support, information and personal support fully customized from Coordinators are also offered, because we are the ones who work directly urge.

We offer free of charge support and experiential courses without cost: Peruvian cuisine, pastry, classes of culture, history and Peruvian society, basic Quechua (language of the Incas) and information and guidance (to close the project places) for the most beautiful places and tour of Peru.

We are a self manageable organization and resources we get the spend on our projects, therefore we can not provide airfare, however a choice of accommodation and food at a reasonable price is also offered.

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Frank Coter - General Coordinator.

Latest Listings

Volunteering to help children livin at risk and in extreme poverty in the andes of Peru, Mantaro Valley and Cusco (Volunteer Opportunity)

Internship / Volunteer in fuidraising for project in the Andes of Peru (online or in person) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Volunteer translator - Spanish and English (Volunteer Opportunity)

Cusco - Peru / Volunteering in plastic arts, acting, dance, language and music with native children in the Andes of Peru (ancestral and modern culture, learning and teaching) (Volunteer Opportunity)

Volunteering in Health (Applied and Preventative) within communities of the Andes of Peru that are living at risk and in extreme need (Volunteer Opportunity)

INTERNSHIP in the Peruvian Andes, with groups of women - empowerment, gender, violence and exclusion (Internship)

Internship in the Andes of PERU - a project for assisting and providing material, educational and caring support to children living in situations of extreme poverty, vulnerability and risk (Internship)

Internship in preventive health, nutrition, holistic health and research with populations in extreme poverty in the Andes of Peru (Internship)

Volunteering in Peru - promoting the use of / building improved stoves in the Andes (Volunteer Opportunity)

Volunteering in Peru: teaching English to children in the Peruvian Andes (Volunteer Opportunity)