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Pakistan.Introduction letter of Peace Squad International Service

Peace Squad International Service (PSIS) ---a worldwide renowned welfare organization, having affilation with International Peace Commision and other reputed international organizations in more than fifteen countries, is aimed at restoration of peace, preservation of human rights and provide humanity support to not only ameliorate even to improve the living condition of the masses of our country. The NGO is operative for the last over seven years, at Karachi with its branches in major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta.

We feel elated in saying that, the organization is managed by highly dedicated and committed team of executives, mangers, and professionals, who have remarkable prowess and expertise of managing the reputed organization. Interestingly the conceptual framework has absolutely been formulated on sound footings. To achieve its objectives set forth by the mentors of the organization, different divisions have been constituted, which will be governed by a Managing Committee that is based atthe Head office, karachi.

You are well aware of the fact that, a major part of population of our country, is deprived of the basic facilities like healthcare, education and employment and few other civic amenities like, clean drinking water, sports and entertainment activitites, legal protection etc.etc. As these are the basic facilities of life and are entirely intrinsic, tolive a comfortable life. On the other hand, the areas that were obligatory to pay attention to the needy patients were not given due focus and even completly neglected.

This state of affairs even worsened due to non-properly-using the existing resources and facilities available at the hospitals.

As a result we feel gloomy in saying that, mostly people who are not in a position to afford the cost of medicine and medication charges, is not addressed by any quarter of the society.

To ameliorate this highly unhappy state of affairs, our NGO took a remarkable step and has come ahead to play its role, and has started to extend its fullest support to the needy people of this country.

In such a situation, had the private NGOs and welfare-minded people would not had extended their suport to the needy masses of our society, the situation would have worsened even far more than what the situation is prevailing right now.

PSIS is one of the reputed NGOs, who has always spearheaded not only in the field of medicine even in all fields of life, exclusively the welfare and support-oriented activities, at national and international level. Belive me that, it is needless to raise hollow slogans,without extending the support to the sick patients, as is being extended and compassionate by the well-wishers like you.

The PSIS has initiated a project for the deserving patients of cancer who cannot afford the cost of highly expensive cancer medicines.

The great project is" FREE CANCER DRUG BANK" an helping hand to all deserving patients and cancer institutions.

The PSIS is also working on a project for the needy patients, who cannot afford the cost of medicine or medication. After thoroughly assessing the financial position of the patient the management of medical-aid Division, send the patient to such hospitals, clinics or maternity home who are supporter or member of our NGO.

The treatment of such patient is beingt undertaken with great care and full attention, and according to the case, 50% and even 100% concession is being accorded by the mengement of the concerned division. In addition to that, we also provide essential medicines free-of cost to the highly deserving patients.

Ultimately we would very much expect the well-off personalities of the society particularly the considerate Doctors and Physicians that they would extend every possible support for the noble causes of our organization, exclusively the support for the needy patients, of our society.

The Psis is working is in diferent aspects of life ,but in present out main projects are on :

(1)Medical aid (2) Legal aid (3)Educational aid (4)Anti Terrorisum (5)Human rights(6) Employment Div

If your honour consider that the welfare-oriented objectives of our NGO are totally in agreement with your norms and vision, and you also have decided to extend support and assistance for any of our project,then kindly inform us,by mail or email/phone call we will contact you immediatly.

Kindly encourage us by sending comments/guidelines or your valued message for our organization.

Thank you very much, for sparing few of your valuable moments,

Best Regards

Prince Amir Hasan

Founder and Chairman

Peace Squad International Service


Pakistan.Introduction letter of Peace Squad International Service

Peace Squad International Service (PSIS) ---a worldwide renowned welfare organization, having affilation with International Peace…

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